Helen Keller
A story of Miss Helen Keller and the Akitas that loved her....

The first Akita in the United States, was brought here by the renowned Helen Keller. In 1937 Ms. Keller and her companion, Ms. Polly Thomson embarked on an extended speaking tour taking them throughout much of Japan. Ms. Keller was most highly revered by the Japanese people often being referred to as "Saint Keller...Saint of Three burdens...Miracle Saint...Miracle Hands...Great Heart of Love...Light of All Miracles...Sacred Light". No foreign visitor had ever been met with such enthusiastic reception.

 Included in Miss Kellers plans of regions to visit was the Akita district, she had learned of the legend of Hachi-Ko an Akita so revered by the Japanese people for his immense loyalty to his master that a bronze statue bearing the inscription of his story, graces that special place at Shibuya Station where he waited those many years for his master. Miss Keller loved large dogs and was very impressed with the Akita's faithfulness. When she expressed the desire to meet (have) an Akita, action began to arrange for her to do so. A young Akita Police Department instructor, Master in the art of Kendo, Mr. Ichiro Ogasawara, who owned Akita dogs, was asked to arrange for Ms. Keller to get one. Soon after having arranged for an adult dog to be taken to her, he learned it was not appropriate for her needs, so he decided his own new puppy, "Kamikaze-Go", should be introduced to her. Miss Keller was so enchanted by this little goma colored puppy that with the agreement of his family, Mr. Ogasawara decided to make mikaze-Go a gift to Saint Keller and a formal presentation took place on June 14th, 1937, the pup then just 75 days old.  

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