Introduction to Natural Akita and Natural Canine

UPDATE: Natural Akita is changing a bit, becoming a resource for all Akita owners! We are transitioning the website into a full fledged easy to navigate handbook on the important topics that Akita owners care about. You can expect a ton of changes around here, starting with a new category structure and plenty of new heavily researched pages to give you the best information. Things are subject to change and with community feedback we will make this the best place on the internet for Akitas.

  • Akita Breed: This category covers the basics about Akitas, history, differences between American Akitas and Akita Inu, and much more.
  • Choosing an Akita: This category will be home to information to help you choose your Akita such as cost.
  • Food & Nutrition: You can find Akita tailored nutrition information here along with guides on different food topics.
  • Health & Wellness: This category will cover common health issues related to Akitas, vaccines, and much more to come.
  • Lifestyle & Care: This category will cover common care topics such as grooming, how they are with cats, swimming and more to come.
  • Training & Behavior: Finally, this category will cover training topics, answer questions about behavior and much more.

Well, now that you’re here, what do you expect but a lot of information about raw meat! We offer articles about the value of feeding your dog a raw diet, the importance of enzymes, how to get started, etc. We will try to quell the jitters caused by just the thought of giving your dog a raw chicken bone <gasp!>.

In addition to various articles about canine nutrition, we offer a different point of view regarding vaccines. We look at them not only from a canine perspective, but from a human one as well, for the effects on the one species is enlightening as to the possibilities for the other.

A good place to start is with the FAQs on raw feeding and vaccination. They will provide the basics you need to begin your journey into the wonderful world of holistics. From there, it’s up to you how far you travel and how deeply you delve.


The trip can be dangerous to your present lifestyle! One of our buyers has decided to home-school her son…a logical outcome for her, based on research she did because we asked her not to vaccinate (other than for rabies) the dog she decided to purchase from us.

Well, you’ve been warned. I trust you are an intrepid adventurer and that you won’t mind slaying a dragon or two that may lurk in your path. You can’t say nobody told you about the dangers that may lie ahead: skeptics, nay-sayers, doom-and-gloomers…they’re all out there, waiting for you. But, if you’re determined to provide the best for your dog, you won’t let them turn you aside!

Happy journey!