AKC Companion Animal Recovery

This 24 hour-a-day nationwide pet identification and recovery service utilizes a central database that will record identification numbers for dog owners using any permanent form of identification.

The Recovery Process:
Anyone who finds an animal identified with a microchip or tattoo may contact AKC Companion Animal Recovery and give the identification number for the pet. If the animal is taken to a shelter or a participating veterinarian it can be scanned to determine if a microchip is present. The AKC’s toll free 800 number is provided on both the HomeAgain collar tag and the scanner.

If the animal is enrolled in the program, AKC Companion Animal Recovery will call the owner immediately. f the owner cannot be reached, an alternate contact or the veterinarian will be called. The owner will be asked to contact the locator to make arrangements to reclaim their pet. To report a lost or found animal, contact AKC Companion Animal Recovery by phone: (800)252-7894; fax: (919)233-1290; email: found@akc.org

About Identification:
Permanent identification is essential for your dog’s recovery. Should you and your dog ever be separated, a permanent form of identification will increase your chances of being reunited.

About Microchips:
A microchip is a rice-sized device encoded with a unique and unalterable identification number. The “chip” is implanted just under the skin in the scruff of the neck and is read by a scanner.

AKC Companion Animal Recovery will enroll dogs identified with a microchip from any manufacturer. However, the AKC has formed an alliance with Schering-Plough Animal Health and recommends their HomeAgain system, which uses a Destron microchip.

A rapidly growing network of HomeAgain scanners has been placed with animal shelters and veterinarians nationwide. There is now a universal scanner which reads all microchips.

Enrolling your Pet:
The best way to begin is to contact your local veterinarian for information about having permanent microchip identification for your dog. A participating HomeAgain veterinarian will provide you with an AKC Companion Animal Recovery enrollment form and collar tag at the time a microchip is implanted. The enrollment form must be filled out and sent to AKC immediately to insure recovering your pet.

The fee for lifetime enrollment is nominal. If you have an assistance dog, the enrollment is free.