Immunological Reactions . . . con't
The new vaccination schedule recommended for all Akitas and the list of medications
to be avoided in the Akita, when possible, follows:


6 weeks - DMP given IM
8 weeks - Killed Parvo given SQ
10 weeks - killed Parvo given SQ
12 weeks - distemper MLV (Fromm D Solvay) given SQ
20 weeks - distemper MLV(Fromm D Solvay) given SQ
20 weeks - killed Parvo (give at separate site)
22 weeks - Rabies


Medications not to be used:

Trimethoprim sulfas - often prescribed for urinary infections, etc.
Ormetoprim sulfa - often prescribed for the control of coccidiosis
Milbemycin oxime - found in some heartworm/hookworm/roundworm/whipworm
Lufenuron - found in some flea control products
Nitrofurans - often prescribed for the control of coccidiosis
Butazolidin - contains phenylbutazone; often prescribed for pain
Diethylcarbamazine oxybendazole - found in prescribed drugs for the control of heartworm, i.e.,
Filarabits PLUS
Carboprofen - an NSAIDS anti-inflamatory
Ivermectin - often prescribed for heartworm prevention and/or the treatment of scabies (mange)
Selamectin - used as a topical parasiticide for the control of flea, heartworm and other parasites
Phenobarbital - prescribed primarily to control epileptic seizures, used occasionally as a sedative
Primidone - used as an anti-convulsant primarily for epilepsy

note: product descriptions and frequent prescribed use info added by Judy King

This list, as provided by Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM, has recently been modified (5/00) to include additonal drugs to be avoided.

Everyone is welcome to copy and utilize this article and "hit list of drugs to avoid", in hopes that this information will serve to further educate Akita owners.
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Akitas are not the only breed exhibiting adverse reactions to vaccinations utilizing old vaccine protocols. We encourage all dog owners to investigate the 
ew limited vaccine protocols or the alternative; homeopathic nosodes.  For more info on alternative immunizations CLICK HERE

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